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Thursday, September 10, 2015

Epic's Growler of the Week and a Gose Update

Your Epic Growler of the week is Copper Cone Pale Ale. This is a favorite of mine. It pours a hazy dark copper color with a thick, one finger of sticky head. The nose is fruity with citrus, pine, a mild malt backbone and floral bouquet. The taste starts with mild pine resin, and sweet caramel. Next comes an earthy citrus character with a mild spiciness. It all culminates in a nice balance that makes for a very enjoyable pale ale.

I also have an update on the Anderson Valley Kimme the Yink and the Holy Gose beers. Another special order has been recieved, so they'll be popping up in the bars that choose to stock it. However, the beers are still about a month away from hitting grocery store shelves. The distributor says, they'll come up in the next rotation.


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