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Monday, September 14, 2015

Mountain West Cider

I love it when I can start out the week with a new brewery announcement. It almost feels like a holiday around here on days like this. Though this post technically has to do with a cidery instead of a brewery it's still a tremendous honor to welcome Mountain West Cider to the Utah Beer family.

Mountain West Cider is perhaps the first (hard) cidery in Utah since prohibition (if not ever). I've been looking for evidence of a exclusive cider house in Utah, but as of now I've not come across one. The Hive Winery in Layton has been making their Stinger Hard Cider for a few years and Slide Ridge Honey Farms had a very brief  go with cider hybrid called CaCysir, but these places are not dedicated to hard ciders only.

Employing an experienced cider master and having a dedicated passion for locally-produced products, Mountain West Cider will be crafting year-round, seasonal, and artisan hard ciders. for all of us happy local adults. The cidery is nearly online and ciders are expected to be for sale in the coming months.

Mountain West Cider is located at 425 N. 400 W. in Salt Lake City (two door south of RedRock Brewing Company's production brewery)

Utah law does allow hard ciders to above 4% ABV be poured on draft. I'm not sure what their plans are in this regard, but we'll fill you in as we get more info. Welcome to the faminly!


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