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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

The 2015 Utah Brewers Guild - Harvest Festival

The Utah Brewers Guild is having a party this Sunday!  If you're not familiar with the UBG - it's an organization comprised of all of Utah's breweries that focuses on beer appreciation and education. This event is a fundraiser for the guild, so that they can do more community oriented festivities like this.

The theme for this event is Harvest Festival. There will be limited amount a fresh, wet hopped beers for you to try. If you're not familiar with the term,  "wet hopped" It's process of taking fresh from the bine (not vine) hops and add them to the beer - less than 24 hours from picking. This process adds a new dimension to the hop profiles of the beer - giving them a fresher more accentuated than normal taste.

Everyone that has made a wet hopped beer will be bringing one to sample. there with also be other harvest style beers to try. The event will be held at The Beer Bar - in their back lot and goes from Noon - 4pm. The cost is $10 - that gets you three sample, you can purchase more after that. This a 21+ event - no children.  Hope to see you there!


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