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Friday, September 04, 2015

New Beer Friday 9/4/15

It's not a huge New Beer Friday - it's about quality not quantity right?

Hoppers Rye IPA - Described as having aromas of toffee, rye and grapefruit. Flavors of toasted malts, rye, citrus and grass. 4.0% ABV. Only at Hoppers

Avenues Proper SMaSH Beer (Single Malt, Single Hop) - This incarnation is comprised of Pilsner Malt & Calypso Hops. 4.0% ABV. Only at Aves Proper

Lagunitas Imperial Pilsner - The nose has malt, grain, bread, and grass. The taste is much the same with toasty grain, vague berries and a blast of bitter grass and spiciness. Finishes dry with a hint of grainy sweetness. 8.1% ABV @Bayou, BeerHive & Beer Bar

Deschutes Bond Street Brown - Solid toasted malt character with a ghost like roasted grain in the back that goes chocolaty with a dark cocoa flavor. Modest woody hop notes.  Rich maltiness is sticky and toasty. This beer will work well Summer or Fall. This beer has been discontinued so when it's gone it's gone. 4.8% ABV. @ BarrelHouse



Matthew said...

Anyone know why The Annex "temporarily closed"?

Mikey said...

They're remodeling and revamping their operations. Some key managers have left as well, creating staffing problems. The Brewery is still operating and making beer. No word yet on when the restaurant will reopen. When it does, it will likely have a new menu.