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Friday, October 23, 2015

New Beer Friday 10/23/15

If coffee is your thing, this week's New Beer Friday will fill you with all sorts of java happiness.

Desert Edge Coffee Stout - This stout is brewed with fresh Mill Creek Coffee Roasters coffee.  It has a big coffee nose as well as coffee flavor which melds well with the roasted barley and chocolate malt flavors. Creamy Delicious on the nitro tap. 4.0% ABV @ Desert Edge

Ninkasi Noir - Another coffee infused beer. This one is a milk stout. The nose has roasted malt, cocoa and coffee. The taste is similar with cocoa powder, coffee bean and sweet cream. Though it is slightly sweet the finish does have some dryness from the hops and the roasty bitterness.7.6% ABV @ Beer Bar Beerhive

Hoppers Dunkel Lager - A copper/brown colored lager made with mostly light toasted Munich malt and dark kilned Munich malt. The flavor is well balanced and they drink lighter and more smoothly than would be expected for a dark beer. Flavors of a toasted barley, light chocolate, bread and subtle German hood. The aroma is of a rich malted barley and caramel malt with a nice fresh hop aroma. 4.0% ABV @ Hoppers

Anderson Valley Blood Orange Gose should be popping this weekend at some Smith's Stores. And when I say, "some" I mean "some" not all. And I have no idea which ones will have them. So if you happen to come across them this while your out and about please share wher you found them. Next week you should start seeing them at Maverik stores and some Harmons

Oskar Blues - We have an update on the arival of Oskar Blues. You should start seeing them in limited distribution in early December. Look for Dales' Pale, Lil Yella Pils, Old Chub and Pinner. Other labels will soon follow.



TackUCack said...

Not in the avenues location

TackUCack said...

It is up on 3300 south by parleys

Mikey said...

@TackUCack - you're brilliant!

josh said...

didn't see it at the 3300 South Smith's today :(

Shane in SLC said...

The Smith's at 5th and 5th has the Blood Orange Gose. I've been very eager to try it; it doesn't disappoint.

josh said...

In stock at Avenues Smiths. 6pk or individuals.

Kris Merrill said...

In stock at 9400 s 2000 e smith's in Sandy.