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Tuesday, October 06, 2015

New Packaging for Wasatch/Squatters Crowlers

Back in August, we the first to tell you about Wasatch/Squatters new Crowler (canned growler) packaging. The new 32oz cans are filled on demand from whatever draft selection you desire. Up till now the cans have been blank or have had a generic label. Now the Crowlers have their own look. Here's what you'll be seeing on your crowlers in coming weeks.

We'd also be interested to here what you think about the crowlers vs growlers.


1 comment:

Shane in SLC said...

Sixty-four ounces is too much beer for my wife and me to drink by ourselves; unless we have guests over, a growler tends to go flat before we can finish it. The crowler is the right size, but it seems a bit gimmicky, and it can't be resealed. I prefer the 32-ounce growler that Uinta has started selling, but I can't get any of the other breweries in town to refill it, which seems stupid, since all they need to do is add a new button to their cash register app.

Speaking of growlers: how come none of the other breweries in town have followed Epic's lead with the pre-packaged growlers of high-point beer? Brewers, if you're reading this: start selling 32-ounce growlers of full-strength beer, and I'll be there, cash in hand, once a week!

And speaking of Epic's growlers: they've already gotten lazy about posting the weekly growler option to Twitter. Thirty seconds of work would save their store staff fielding phone calls every Thursday...