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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Salt Lake City Wants More Breweries

Salt lake City's Mayor and City Council are looking in to creating new ordinances that would ease restrictions on where breweries and brewpubs can operate within the capitol city. Right now beer making establishments are limited as to where breweries of specific sizes and capacities are allowed to operate. These new ordinance changes are designed to lift the umbrella surrounding breweries that currently has a one size fits all approach.

Basically this means more smaller breweries and specifially brewpubs for city than zoning currently allows. One great example of this is Avenues Proper. They operate within the Avenues neighborhood Salt Lake City making beer and serving food. The operation is small enough and the impact of the business on the area is so slight, that if you know nothing about the pub you'd never know beer was being made there. Of course there are many in the community that think there too many breweries in the city and appose any changes.

This ordinance change is still in the proposal stage. The SLC Council has scheduled a public hearing on Tuesday, November 10, 2015 at 7:00 p.m. I urge anyone who supports these changes to attend this meeting and let your voices be heard.



Unknown said...

Would love to atten, what is the location?

Laci B said...

Good thing there is a new Cider House in town! ;)
I'll be sure to attend- thanks for the info

rob@microbusbrewery.org said...

This is awesome news. Now we need a rep to sponsor a bill to do away with the 3.2 on tap limitation. That one is a a killer for new micro and nano breweries!