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Wednesday, November 04, 2015

RedRock's New Dortmunder Fest Beer

RedRock Brewing has added a new beer into their "high gravity" line up! The Dortmunder Fest beer is a classic German style lager is know as a working class beer that was first conceived of the 19th century. Dortmund style lagers are pale golden in color with a dry hoppy/biscuity nose that exhibit a classic clean character full-bodied with a subtle maltiness and a sturdy mouth-feel. They're akin to the traditional German Pilsner with a with an overall dry tone and presence.

RedRock's is made with 100% German Pilsner, Munich and specialty malts from Germany's Weyermann Maltsters. It dials in at 5.4% ABV. and is availble now at RedRock's Beer Store (443 N 400 W).

I'll try to have a review on it by Friday.


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