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Monday, November 23, 2015

Uinta Cutthroat+ (Plus)

What's that? Another new version of Cutthroat you say? Bring it on! It looks like Uinta is continuing to breath new life into their tried and true flagship brand.

This newest incarnation of appears to be called Cutthroat+ (plus). It uses Cocoa Nibs, Orange Peel & Cayenne Pepper in it's recipe. Sounds like a peppery Chocolate Orange stick... I love Chocolate Orange sticks!  Look for this 4.0% ABV beer to be packaged in Uinta's new 22oz bottles and it should be hitting grocery store shelves and tap handles in the next few weeks. Stay close for the official release date.



Unknown said...
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Nash said...

I just found the cutthroat plus holiday version ate the heber city maverick. they also had regular cutthroat in 22 oz. bombers. cant wait to try this one.