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Monday, January 18, 2016

Heretic Beers Are Here

I believe it was October of 2014 when we broke the news that Heretic Brewing Co. out of Fairfield, California were bound for Utah. I knew it would take a while but fifteen months later they are finally here. As with all new product entries into our market the better beer bars in town get them first. This is to gauge what labels the patrons are most interested in. It will be a few weeks before you'll start seeing them in liquor stores. They are apparently already in some DABC stores! thanks, Edmanster!

If you can't wait that long, The Beer Bar and BeerHive have them right now. The following beers may not be available at both locations. I suggest looking to their social media accounts for their selections. Are there any labels I missed?

Heretic Shallow Grave - An American Porter
Heretic Evil Twin American Red Ale
Heretic Evil Cousin - West Coast Style IPA
Heretic Chocolate Hazelnut Porter - Duh
Heretic Tomrment - Dark Belgian Style

Drink 'em up and enjoy them fresh. If you want them to stick around? That's up to you.



edmanster said...

Evil cousin was at the Sandy liquor store last Friday

Mikey said...

Sweet, thanks for the locator!