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Friday, January 29, 2016

New Beer Friday - Great White North Edition

Welcome to New Beer Friday in the Great White North-ish. How's it going, eh? Elsinore Beer is still not available in Utah, but I have a few beers that'll do 'til the storied Canadian lager finds it way here.

Uinta Flamingose - This new beer from Uinta goes on sale today at the brewery starting at 11am. I've not tried it yet - look for a slight briny lemon tartness at its base with fruity pineapple accents along with coriander spiciness. 4.0% ABV @ Uinta Brewing

Payette Hoop and Stave #3 Whiskey Barrel Aged Imperial Rye - Not tried this one yet. Look for whiskey notes along with cherries, vanilla, toffee and brown sugar. 8.2% ABV @Beer Bar

Sierra Nevada Otra Vez - Another fruity Gose beer. Look for a sweet tangy blend of Prickly Pear and grapefruit combined with a tart Gose base beer. 4.5% ABV @Beerhive

In other beer news: Proper Brewing Company's brewhouse went online yesterday and the brewers cooked up a batch of  their Brumblin' Brown Belgian Table Beer.  Congrats on becoming Utah's newest brewery!


1 comment:

clark said...

I endorse the five stars. Amazing beer. Plus, you have to hand it to Unibroue for their names and label art.