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Thursday, November 17, 2016

Beer Bar and Dick n' Dixie's to Offer Barrel Aged Beers.

A few of the bars around town have been venturing out to distilleries around the country and buying their own unique barrels of spirits to sell in their their respective establishments. This gives you the ability to sell a unique - one of a kind beverage that the bar can call it's own. Last year SLC's Beer Bar did this with Buffalo Trace. The Bourbon barrel they chose is quite nice and if you have the opportunity I recommend stopping by Bar X or the Beer Bar to sample some (if there's any left).

The distilleries not only provide custom bottles of the spirits but the also give you the barrel(s). And what do true beer loving beer geeks do when the have spent whiskey barrels? Yup, you age beer in them. Not long after receiving their barrel from Buffalo Trace, the Beer Bar guys struck a deal with Epic Brewing to fill their barrel with Big Bad Baptist and age it at the brewery. The result was a true one of a kind beer for a one of a kind bar.

It's a year later and it looks like they're about to do it again. This year Beer Bar will be teaming up with the Utah Brewers Cooperative to age some of Squatter's Outer Darkness Imperial Stout in their newly acquired Eagle Rare Bourbon barrels. Called Lightening Punch, this beer will have an ABV of 12.73% and will only be for sale at Beer Bar.

Add Lightening Punch to the collaboration beer that is coming from Proper Brewing/Beer Bar and I predict that the holiday's will be very bright.

SLC's Dick n' Dixie's located on the corner of 300 s. 500 e. is getting in on the barrel aging game as well - laying down some of Wasatch's Polygamy Porter in one of their recently acquired Buffalo Trace Bourbon Barrels. This beer is called Thunder Punch and will dial in at 7.76% ABV. Both of these beers will be packaged in 12oz. bottles. If you've never been to Dick n' Dixie's, they've got a better that decent beer selection along with a Bourbon collection that'll make any whiskey nerd happy.

Both bars are hoping that these beers will be approved by the DABC by the end this week. If that's the case, I'll let you know. These beers have been approved and will go on sale later this afternoon (11/17/16).


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Aaron Saxon said...

Sweeeeeeeeeeeet! I'm looking forward to trying both of these beers!