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Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Proper's Gruit

Well here's something you don't see well.... ever in our market. A Gruit. Gruits are basically ancient ales. These are the way beers were made many, many centuries ago in continental Europe. These beer rely heavily on spices and berries to add flavors to the brew. The results are a somewhat herbal tea-like beer that has a bit of fruit for balance. It's also said that they can be intoxicating and can be helpful as a libido aid. Check...and...check!

Well Brewmaster Rio Connolly and his crew are up for the challenge and will be releasing this special brew just in time for the Holidays. This beer will be an Abbey Ale at it's base and be spiced with the traditional yarrow sweet gale with the addition of Labrador tea. These usually range from 4 - 6% ABV. We'll know soon enough what this will be. Can't wait!


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