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Wednesday, November 02, 2016

Squatters' Outer Darkness Gets Canned

Squatters Outer Darkness Imperial Stout will soon be finding it's way into 12 oz. cans. We first started talking about this beer back in November of 2009 [man, I've been doing this for a while] when this beer first hit the kettle. Back then it was Utah's original locally made Imperial Stout. It was a huge hit and this new packaging only solidifies it's popularity.

You'll likely be seeing these new cans at Squatters/Wasatch locations sometime in December - DABC placement will follow a couple weeks after that initial release. Outer Darkness dials in at 10.5% ABV

If you need something to occupy your time while waiting for the cans Squatters' Brewmaster Jason stack has something new for you to try at the SLC brewpub. The Solstice Saison is on draft now. A collaboration with SLC's Solstice Chocolate this ale is very light in color w great Belgian fruity characteristics and a subtle, smoothing flavor of locally roasted cacao nibs.

Jason also has his Nitro Epiphany Vanilla Porter on right now as well.


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Shane in SLC said...

Funny, just this weekend I was complaining to my wife that Squatters discontinued the 8oz. bottles of Outer Darkness and so it was only available in bombers. And I was wondering who decided that the strongest beers in Utah shall only be available in the biggest bottles. The cans are great news...

Diamond Mind said...

Oh man, ridiculous, don't go fishing with power tools!

Mark said...

We loved the 7oz Outer Darkness too, but it wasn't worth the time it took to tweak all the machines to handle the small bottles.