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Wednesday, November 09, 2016

Shades of Pale Hogshead Reserve #3

Shades of Pale has released it's newest offering in their new Hogshead Reserve series of barrel aged beers. The newest entry to their lineup is a Belgian style Tripel which has been aged in High West Whiskey Barrels. This being the second run on the barrels, the recipe was chosen to specifically capture and blend with oak in the barrels rather than with strong bourbon and rye flavors. 

The bourbon and rye flavors are still quite prominent and these flavors do work rather well with the sweet Tripel Ale base. Look for notes of honey and raisins and a bit of sweet pineapple. On the back end, you have a skosh of butterscotch sweetness with light vanilla from the wood. Nicely complex. The ABV is 11%.

This is a very limited release - available right now.


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