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Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Epic's Double Barrel Baptist & Big Bad Baptista are Here!

Epic's highly anticipated additions to their Big Bad Baptist line are finally here and will go on sale this morning at 11am. These two new beers will stay true to their predecessor yet retain enough of what makes them each unique.

First let's get into Double Barrel Big Bad BaptistHotbox Coffee Rosters out of Longmont, Colorado has a unique process for some of their coffees in which they take their green coffee beans and age them in used spirit barrels. The bean soak up the aromas and flavors of their environment. If you put them in a used whiskey barrel, you’ll get notes of toffee, vanilla, oak, and campfire alongside the beans natural fruity and roasted flavors.

Epic selected Hotbox's single origin Ethopian Yirgacheffe for its bright blueberry and pomegranate flavors. It’s a major departure from the classic Columbian and Central American flavor profile Epic  normally selects for Big Bad Baptist. With the additional flavor contribution from the whiskey barrel and Hot Box’s careful roasting, the coffee comes to the forefront of the beer and really showcases the unique process.

Double Barrel Big Bad uses equally creative and maliciously crafted cacao nibs from Solstice Chocolate - a small artisan chocolate maker based out of Salt Lake City. They specialize in sourcing exotic, organically grown cacao from around the world. Each single origin cacao is roasted in house to bring out its inherent characteristics.

Next up is Big Bad Baptista. Inspired by traditional Mexican coffee, CafĂ© de Olla, which is served with cinnamon and piloncillo, an unrefined sugar. The Cinnamon adds another layer of complexity and accentuates the earthy character of Mexican Coffee, but more importantly, it captures the essence of a place and its culture. 

Big Bad Baptista is a combination of Vanilla, Cinnamon, Mexican coffee roasted by Blue Copper, and Solstice Chocolate cacao nibs. It’s luxurious to say the least, with a pleasant warming sensation generated by the cinnamon and alcohol. The interplay of chocolate, malt, oak, and spice make this beer perfect for the coming cold weather months. 

Epic made plenty of these, so you you don't have to beat their door down immediately this morning, but I wouldn't wait until next week either - due to the simple fact there's no limit on how many you can buy. Consider yourselves "baptized".


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