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Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Bonneville Bottles Coming Soon

Last June we brought you the news that Tooele's Bonneville Brewing Company was going to be packaging their suds for Northern Utah distribution. The time of their debut will soon be upon us.

Starting as soon January 2017, you'll start seeing four of Bonneville's more popular beers available for purchase. Most grocery and C-stores will initially only be selling two of the four (Free Roller and Redline). Here's the lowdown on what else is coming.

Pilot Peak Pilsner - Named for the peak that is the summit of the Pilot Range that stretches from Nevada to Utah, this pils is made with two types of German malt and is bittered with Hallertau Hops (squeee). This beer will have a nice toasty, floral and herbal flavor profile. 4.0% ABV

Antelope Amber - It's named for Utah's Antelope Island, but the label has a bison on it. If you live in
Utah you'll get it's significance. If not? you'll just have to use your Google. This is an American Amber Ale that will fuse biscuit and caramel malts combined with earthy American hops for a perfect balance. 4.0% ABV

Redline Red - The infamous world record breaking engines of the Bonneville Speedway inspires the name of this tasty red ale. The focus here is on the toasted malts that will impart a light fruitiness to play off the American hops.4.0% ABV

Free Roller IPA - From the old days at the Salt Flats and invokes images of boldest speed nut that would lay across their bikes to reduce drag.This Session IPA will have sweet bready malts to play on the generous amount of citrus and pine flavors given off by the hops. 4.0% ABV

These beers aren't new they can be found on tap at Bonneville's brewery, All Star Lanes and various better beers bars around the Wasatch Front. If you havn't tried them, they're worth your time. Keep checking back for their packaging and release dates.

As promised, we have the next debut label from RoHa Brewing. Today's up and coming beer is the Big Green Couch Double IPA. For this beer Roha's Brewmaster, Chris Haas pays homage to a... well... a couch... a green couch.. in Michigan. This beer is a tribute to Haas' adventurous spirit and the one unnamed, yet remarkable individual who made it possible for him to stay on the... Big Green Couch. This definitely gives new meaning to the term "couch beer". Can't wait to get the full story on this one. Anyway, this beer will be RoHa's stronger, drier, yet balanced DIPA. 8.0% ABV.

Check back tomorrow for more RoHa updates along with other Utah specific beer news.


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