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Wednesday, April 05, 2017

2017 Utah Beer Challenge Winner

And the winning beer of the Utah Beer Challenges High Point Beer Competition is Tastes Like Citrus IPA from 2 Row Brewing Company. This juicy IPA has brilliant bitter citrus tones with a cloudy appearance. Big notes of peach, tangerine and tropical fruit, followed with a fluffy and full mouthfeel. This outstanding North East IPA is big on flavor and aroma.

The final scores are updated into the bracket above.

Brian, DeDe and Clay. I invite you take take this hastily made certificate of awesomeness and proudly display it over your shitter(s) or wherever you see fit.

And just in case you've been living under a rock, I invite you, the readers to get your collective asses to 2 Row and experience this hoppy dream for realsies.

The Utah Beer Beer Low Point Challenge begins tomorrow. All of you favorite session beers, right here in a battle to the death. Congrats again to 2 Row!

I'd appreciate some feedback on doing High ABV vs High and Low vs Low, or any comments you may have.



kent said...

I like splitting up the high point and low point beers into their own brackets. Mixing the two inevitably leads to the high point vs. low point conflict. This should keep that out of the judgement.

Shane in SLC said...

Congrats to 2-Row, which really has grown into the state's best brewery, or at least my favorite. The Citrus IPA wouldn't have been my choice, but happy to see them honored.

And I also approve of putting the session beers in their own competition. Thanks for organizing all this again, Mikey!

leang heng said...

So interesting!!