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Friday, April 21, 2017

New Beer and Brewery Friday 4/21/17

I love it when a new brewery hits on Friday. It's like Pie and Beer Day got all freaky with Christmas! So we'll start this special New Beer Friday off with all the new suds the RoHa Brewing Project which will officially open at 11am today.
The RoHa Brewing Project - Back Porch Pale Ale: Clear ruby color. The nose is mostly bready malts, with a bit of pine and citrus peel. The taste starts malty with caramel and butterscotch which quickly slides into an herbal hop bite combined with pine and orange peel. 4.0% ABV @ RoHa

The RoHa Brewing Project - Big Green Couch DIPA: Clear ruby color. The nose has caramel, toffee, grapefruit and light orange. The taste starts with toffee and caramel along with light melon notes. Grapefruit comes next with a bolder and lingering finish of caramel sweetness, some light alcohol, some grapefruit and light citrus flavors, as well as some healthy hop bitterness. Plenty of sweetness up front here as well. 8.0% ABV @ RoHa

The RoHa Brewing Project - Kensington Grand Saison: Clear ruby color. The nose is grainy and fruity with some light yeast phenols and spice. The taste is less grainy than aroma, not much biscuit or wheat, then sweeter esters with some light yeast byproducts. It's sweet, bready and lightly dry. Earthy hops round out the end. Very light dryness on the finish. 6.8% ABV @ RoHa

The RoHa Brewing Project - Three Deep American Ale: Clear ruby color. The nose is light with some biscuit malt and earthy/leafy hops. The taste has light earthy and leafy hops mixed with lightly sweet biscuit malt. Some citrus peel on the back end dries out the finish. 4.0% ABV @ RoHa

The RoHa Brewing Project - Thursday IPA:  Clear ruby color. The nose has slight citrus, pine and is a bit bready. The taste starts with lemon, pine and tangerine. Malt sweetness comes in next with some floral bitterness. Clean finish but the hops still lingers on the palate. 6.5% ABV @ RoHa

Wasatch - Snowbird Session IPA: This being released today at the Utah Brewers Cooperative. It's described as being North East Style Session IPA. 4.0% ABV @ UBC

Squatters - Aussie Hop Pale Ale: Grapefruit in the nose with some caramel. The taste has some berry qualities with vague sweet citrus flavors. Some pithy bitterness in the finish. Nice, super crushable. 4.0% ABV @ Squatters

Boulevard - Changeling: The nose is tart berries and not much else. The taste starts with a big tart punch. Plum and raspberries dark malts dominate. Not terribly complex but very tasty. Mouth feel is a little prickly but it works well. Medium body. Probably a little pricey for what it is. 7.3% ABV

Fisher - The Chocolate Conspiracy Nitro Stout: . Faint milk chocolate and hints of roasted malt in the nose. The taste follows with subtle cocoa and roasted malts. Not super sweet but there is a hint of vague spices in the finish. On the light side. 4.0% ABV @ Fisher Brewing

Samuel Adams - Rebel Juiced IPA: Not tried this one yet. @DABC 6.2% ABV

Dog Tag - Legacy Lager: Not tried this one yet. @ DABC 5.0% ABV


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