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Monday, April 24, 2017

Barrel Aged Dubhe is Coming Your Way

If you missed out on drinking any Dubhe on 4/20, this news will make it all better. Uinta Brewing will be producing a special Barrel aged version of the hemp seed infused Imperial Black IPA. This barrels selection will feature Bourbon whiskey, which should make for a tasty brew. Keep checking back for it's release.

It looks like we had a tie in the last round of the Utah Beer Challenge. This has never happened before. It was apparently a pretty tough call for y'all to choose between these two fine ales. So, we're going to do a quick little tie breaker. Over the next 24 hours we will push one of these forward before continuing to the elite eight round. If there's another tie? I will break it.

Total Answer
50%Desert Edge Utah Pale Ale
40 (50%)
50%Proper Foreign Gentleman Coffee Stout
40 (50%)
(80 Total Votes)
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