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Thursday, April 13, 2017

The RoHa Brewing Project Announces its Opening

(Salt Lake City, Utah) - RoHa Brewing Project’s new Tap Room, located at 30 East Kensington Avenue (1500 South), will open to the public on April 21, 2017 from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m..
Patrons can expect a full lineup of current RoHa beers:
Back Porch Pale Ale - 4% ABV, a hop-forward, golden-colored ale with just a glint of amber. It is a precise balance of malt and bitter, the hallmark of a great Pale Ale. Your go-to beer for every occasion. Available on tap, in 12 oz cans, and in 22 oz bottles.
Three Deep American Ale - 4% ABV, in honor of RoHa’s three founders, our American Ale has a classic golden wheat color with light but pronounced malt flavors and a slightly hoppy finish. Available on tap and in 12 oz cans.
Thursday India Pale Ale - 6.5% ABV, an homage to our Thirsty Thursday tradition. Our rules required a new beer each Thursday to taste, dissect, and rate. But we hope you’ll enjoy this American IPA over and over. Brilliant gold with a dry, distinctive hop finish. Available in 12 oz cans.
Kensington Grand Saison - 6.8% ABV, this Saison is grand because it packs a bit more punch. Brilliantly red with a host of hops, spice, and malt. Effervescent, tart, and complex. Regal enough for a special occasion, yet versatile enough for a backyard BBQ. Available in 22 oz bottles.
The Big Green Couch Double India Pale Ale - 8% ABV, an IPA with enough malt character to stand up to the high alcohol, bitterness, and hops. Strong but balanced, this IPA is a brewing ode to life’s serendipitous twists. Available in 22 oz bottles.
All beers in our lineup will be available in the package store. RoHa also recently contracted with General Distributing and will begin introducing RoHa beer along the Wasatch Front.
Chris Haas, co-founder and Master Brewer, states “In the midst of an American craft beer revolution, there’s no room for another good beer. But there’s always a place for a great one.”
About RoHa Brewing Project:
At its core, RoHa is great beer done right for the beer drinker who demands that same level from his or her bikes, skis, jobs, and life. 

RoHa was 10 years in the making, the dream of Rob (the Ro in RoHa) Phillips. Long before Rob was plotting breweries, Chris Haas was busy creating award-winning beer. Haas (the Ha in RoHa) is a Utah brewing pioneer with two decades in the business. The last piece of the RoHa puzzle Josh Stern, the Driver. Those three personality traits created the ideal triumvirate for an emerging brewery. Yet, it’s the similarities that define RoHa: a clear passion for beer and dedication to the craft balanced with a craving for a great life along with outdoor adventure — powder, single track and rivers.
RoHa Brewing Project looks to inspire and empower beer lovers. Seeking greatness with every beer, brewed with precision and without compromise. To learn more about RoHa Brewing Project, visit www.RoHaBrewing.com

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