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Friday, August 10, 2018

New Beer Friday 8/10/18

All of this week's offerings feature a bit of tart and funk. I hope you guys like tart and funk!

Shades Kveik #2: This beer pours a purplish red color topped with a little to no head. The aroma has a fragrant sour cherry smell. Taste was tart and pleasantly fruity. Some warm spice notes in the end. The finish is very dry. Another winner from Shades' Kveik Series. 6.3%. Available at Shades Brewing.

Avenues Proper Brett Pale Ale 2:  Look for funky, earthy and tropical-fruit-like flavors in this dry and subtly tart take on the American pale ale. This beer is only available at Avenues Proper. 4.0%.

Rogue Combat Wombat: This sour Northeast-style IPA is brewed with blood orange and grapefruit. The taste has an ample amount of musty yeast tart tropical fruits, orange and grapefruit pith. It finishes with a good dose of piney bitterness. 7.2%. Available at select DABC.

Brewery Ommegang Queen of the Seven Kingdoms: Ommegang's latest beer in their Game of Thrones series features a base beer full of Belgian yeast, lemon tartness, apple and melon. The sourness is pretty light, it much more prevalent in the nose than on the tongue. A pretty smooth ale. 6.7%. Available at select DABC.   

In other beer news: Roosters Brewing Company will begin to unveil their new look and branding this Saturday at the Ogden Farmers Market from 9-2pm. There will be give-aways every half hour, from stickers and merch to gift cards and a private brewery tour of Roosters new B Street Brewery that is set to open this fall. The new brewery will feature a dining and tap room space along with an additional 6,000 sf of available space for retail and manufacturing, as well as an outdoor amphitheater and dining area.

From what I've seen the new B Street Brewery will be a beautiful addition to Ogden's craft beer scene. Stay close for further updates.


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