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Monday, August 06, 2018

Oops. I Made a Mistake.

Last New Beer Friday I reviewed Salfire's new Summer Camp Crush. I believe I said that, "it missed the mark" and was out of style. A few of you contacted me and wondered what I had been smoking in regards to this review (including Saltfire). After thinking about it, I couldn't recall ever seeing the bottle with the beer that ordered so I poured a new verified bottle and found that my review was way off the mark.

Summer Camp Crush has a nice aroma of tropical and citrus hops. The taste started with bright oranges and tropical fruit is highlighted by lightly tart citrus pulp. It ended with light tart citrus hop smack with pith and pine. The finish was tropical and lingering.

There's no excuse for not verifying that I had the right beer before giving a review. Especially when I found it to be so far off the mark. My oligopolies to Saltfire and to those of you that choose to spend your precious time and bandwidth on the Utah Beer Blog.


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