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Friday, August 03, 2018

New Beer Friday 8/3/18

I love a nice round selection of beers for New Beer Friday; that is exactly what you're getting this week. Nearly all of this week's beers are local. Enjoy!

Strap Tank Utah Valley Foraged Ale #1: Also known as "Treebeard" this version of Strap Tank's locally sourced ale has willow, spruce, juniper, local wheat, solstice_malt barley, and Bagley Honey. 8.0%. Available at Strap Tank.

Saltfire Summer Camp Crush: This pours a  straw color with soapy white head. The aroma is citrusy and herbal with some honey. The taste is light and grainy; like a pilsner but more hoppy. The hops are floral herbal and citrusy. Aftertaste is slightly bitter. Medium body with a good amount of carbonation. As a NEIPA this really missed the mark. As a very hoppy kolsch I give it high marks.7.1%. Available at Saltfire, Dick n' Dixie's, Beerhive.

Uinta Alpenglow: This was supposed to hit last week, however shit happens and now we have this week. This Wild Golden Ale is a blend of Uinta's soured wild ale with a brett dosed golden ale that been ageing for two years in oak. The result is a beer with a medium fruit like sour/tart profile combined with a small dose of funky Brett with perceived pineapple flavors & malt. Finishes with oak and a brut champagne dryness . It’s a winner! 7.0%. Available at Uinta

Toasted Barrel Blueberry Summer Wheat: Missed out on this one. The name says it all. 4.0%. Available at Toasted Barrel.

Squatters Umbrella Ella-Ella Nitro IPA: Fruity and herbal hops with light malt & toast. The nitro enhances the sweetness from the malt. You can't really appreciate how much bitterness CO2 gas adds to a beer until it's removed. Very light and tasty. 4.0%. Available at Squatters Brewpub.

Squatters Long Boat Red Lager: The aroma has a light floral hop presence with some toasted cereal. The taste is full and smooth with a well concocted malt presence. The hop profile is medium in strength with a spicy/herbal bite and flavor.This is a wonderful malty lager, I wish I had found this weeks ago. 4.0%. Available at Squatters Brewpub.

Hitachino Nest Anbai Ale - Ume Plum Gose: Missed out on this one. This is described as being infused with grown green sour plum (ume), and finished up with a pinch of Japanese sea salt (moshio). The balance of sourness, bitterness, comes from the plum and subtle saltiness. 7.0%. It's available at Takashi in downtown SLC. Takashi actually does a great job of getting great craft beers imported from Japan, that are exclusive to their restaurant. Check them out.  


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