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Friday, August 31, 2018

New Beer Friday 8/31/18

Damn! August flew by fast. To help wrap it up, I came across bunch of great local options fine tuned for the coming autumn months. All of these are limited seasonal releases so don't wait to long before pulling the trigger on these.
Toasted Barrel American Farmhouse Ale: Nose consists of yeast, bread and slight fruit aromas.
For the flavor, I get yeast, a slight barnyard notes, lemon and apple. Some bready malt rounds out the back end. 6.2%. Available at Toasted Barrel.
Toasted Barrel Belgian Dubbel in Peach Bourbon Barrels: The aroma has familiar wild ale aroma that has a aromas of acetone peach and bourbon. Flavor begins sweet with notes of peach, toffee and light honey. Vinegar and moderate sour funk come next with a dose of lactic character. This moves into a middle with notes of oak, a faint acetone flavor, peach and honey-like sweetness. Finish is sweet, with sour peach and oak. Unfortunate acetone off-flavors. 8.5%. Available at Toasted Barrel.

RoHa Grapefruit Pale Ale: Tropical fruit, spicy pineapple and light tangerine twang overwhelm the palate. Round pale malts with hints of melon and lime following. These flavors are all wrapped up with a powerful dose of bittering grapefruit and pulp. Finishes with some chewy pith. 4.0%. Available at RoHa Brewing Project.

RoHa Wet Hop Pale Ale: Aromas of caramel and pine. The taste is immediately toasty with a subtle dose of caramel. The hop in with a dry pine character with some orange-ish notes. Finishes dry. 4.0%. Available at RoHa Brewing Project.

Proper SMaSH Pale Ale: This version of Proper's reoccurring SMaSH (Single Malt, Single Hop ) beer has an aroma of herbal grass and orange peel. The taste follows with the Wia-iti hops adding more herbal and lemon grass notes. Finishes dry. A nice pale ale made with local solstice malts. 4.0%. Available at Proper Brewing.

Strap Tank Roccozella Plum Saison: Missed out on this one. Jenni Curtis Shafer of Utah's Crafty Beer Girls says it has, "Great yeast character with subtle plum tartness and a dry, yet sweet finish". 4.0%. Available at Strap Tank. Thanks, Jenni!

Uinta Nobel Nectar: This Belgian style Golden Strom Ale is full of spicy phenolic yeast. The malt component is sweet and caramel-y with nice honey sweetness. The spelt adds a nice nuttiness giving it more dimensions. Finishes sweet and slightly boozy. 8.5%. Available at Uinta.

Squatters Arnold Palm Ale: Squatters recently did a draft version of this beer based on the Arnold Palmer drink. LOok for lemonade and tea to be major components. This goes on sale tomorrow morning (9/1) at Squatters downtown. 5.5% in 16oz cans.


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