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Friday, March 01, 2019

New Beer Friday 3/1/19

On this first day of March, there’s a good mix of tart and NEIPAs for this New Beer Friday. This is a good indication of what people are wanting right now from their beers. Just to mix it up, we’ll though in a pale Ale and a light lager for you traditionalists.

T.F. Brewing - HIGHbrid: This ale/lager hybrid is made with pure Kush Terpene oil. This one is limited and goes on sale today at 4:20pm. 4.0% - Available at T.F.

Squatters - Meteor Shower:  The aroma is a blend of mango, peach and other tropical fruits. On the tongue you get mandarin orange, banana and peaches. It’s like a tropical fruit punch. Very nice. This limited batch goes on sale starting today and is only available at Squatters SLC Brewpub. 7.0%

Toasted Barrel - Blood Orange Gose: This Gose is lightly tart with a moderate amount of orange flesh, peel and pith. The blood orange also adds a bit of sugary sweetness. Nice. 4.0% - Available

Rogue - Rhubarb Shmubarb: This sour ale is infused with strawberry and rhubarb. And is described as a nice balance of sweet and sour. 5.9% - Available at DABC.

Rogue - Batsquatch: This NEIPA is loaded with fruity and tropical character. I can’t tell if there’s fruit flavoring added, but it seems over the top in that regard. It’s pretty good, with little bitterness. 6.7% - Available at DABC.

Crazy Mountain - Mountain Livin': Strong citrusy, piney smell. Can tell from the smell that it is a very hoppy beer. When tasting, you get a hint of pine with a strong citrus flavor throughout. Great hoppy finish with a hint of caramel at the end. 5.7% -Available at DABC

Samuel Adams 26.2 Brew: Saw this Gose at Harmon’s but didn’t have time to snag one. If you’ve shared it let us know how it is please. 4.0%.

Deschutes - Da-Shootz: This light lager is brilliantly clear with sweet and toasty grains, along with a balancing dose of grassy/herbal hops. Clean. If you like a nice light lager this will appeal to you. 4.0% - Available at Beer Bar.

Anderson Valley Brut IPA: Just found this one moments ago. Look for a light, dry IPA. The Bayou has some of this for sale right now. 6.5%.


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