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Friday, March 15, 2019

New Beer Friday 3/15/19

Saint Patrick's Day is Sunday, but it will likely be celebrated all weekend long. There's no need for green beer, when you have a full board of new beers to choose from this week. Enjoy your weekend and please be safe!

 Zólupez - Hibiscus Wheat Beer: Inspired by Mexican Agua de Jamaica - brewed with coriander, chamomile/aka manzanilla, orange peel, and Pineapple Pale Ale (inspired by Tepache Mexicano- brewed with brown sugar. 5.3%. Available 3/16 at Zólupez Beer Store.

Zólupe Pale Ale: Described as having sweet fruity Pineapple notes, balanced with the hoppiness of a true pale ale. The unusual fresh aftertaste that hangs around after each sip derives from yerba buena (spearmint), the Mexican herb used a traditional “cure all.” Although unfiltered, nice clear appearance, solid head retention. Inspired by Mexican Tepache (a traditional fermented Pineapple beverage). Naturally bottle conditioned. ABV. 5.25%. Small batch 12 oz. bottles available Saturday 3/16 at Zólupez Beer Store.

Uinta Test Phaze IPA: The unique hop profile in this beer comes from an experimental hop that will likely never be used again. It starts grassy and herbal, then transitions into a good dose of citrus peel, then wraps up with pleasant melon notes. There's a slight hoppy bite in the end as well. One of the more unique tasting IPAs out there. 6.5%. Available at Uinta.

Odell 180 Shilling:  A hearty roasted malt base balanced by subtle earthy hops and aged on oak to create notes of toffee, plum, vanilla and dried cherry. 9.6%. Avaialble Beer Bar, Beerhive

Odell Bull Proof: This barrel aged imperial stout has a nutty chocolate Aroma. Taste of almonds, hazelnuts, dark chocolate and a hint of coffee. A little marshmallow in the slightly boozy finish.

Rogue Outta Line: The aroma is full of pineapple and orange peel. The starts with ripe pineapple, orange along with other tropical fruits. malt profile is honey-like and balancing. Finishes with a nice hop bite. Nice IPA. 6.9%. Available at Beer Bar, DABC

Upslope Blackberry Lemon Kettle Sour: Missed this one. Look for Blackberry and lemon (duh) and low bitterness. 4.2%. Available at the Bayou

New Belgium Mural: Slight pink hue with a fruity and sour aroma. The flavor starts mildly tart with a light malty base. Hbiscus pretty much, lime, melon and some unidentified elements. Beer Bar, Dick n Dixie’s

The following are "beer adjacent". They're not beer, but may appeal to beer drinkers. 

Squatters Grandeur Peak: Grapefruit aroma with light grapefruit peel in the taste. It watery because it's an alcohol based seltzer water. Defiantly a summertime pool beverage.  4.0%. Available at the UBC's West side Tavern.

Lagunitas - Hop: This sparkling water has heavy hop aromatics with citrus flavored water. This will give Mormons and non alcohol drinkers a good idea of why beer nerds like IPAs, This is a good non-alcoholic representation of what we are talking about. 0% ABV. Found at Harmon's.

Returning favorite

Epic - Elder Brett: I know we keep saying this but this may be the last release of this beer. This batch was hidden away for over a year and you can defiantly taste it. It's very tart with an almost balsamic fruitiness. Considering its age, this one is perfect for drinking now. Cellering this one may make it a bit too over the top.


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