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Friday, March 22, 2019

New Beer/Brewery Friday 3/22/19

It been two months since I've been able to announce a new local brewery; lately that seem like along damn time, considering that the end of 2018 saw a new brewery every damn month. Today, I'm happy to say that Level Crossing Brewing Company is Utah's newest brewery. Though their official opening isn't until March 30th, their beer is already hitting the streets. So congrats to Mark, Katie and Chris on creating a new beer oasis that will be a welcome edition to Utah's craft beer family.

Level Crossing - You-Tah Uncommon: Dark amber in color with an aroma of subtle spicy rye and sweet malt. The flavors follow the nose with rye and corn notes that mingling with caramel malt and light herbal hop notes. The finish is lightly dry with a grainy aftertaste. A highly drinkable first brew. 4.0% - Available only at Lucky 13 for now.
Desert Edge - Pro Tem Pale Ale:  Meaning "for the time being" this is a new rotating pale ale series with each batch using different hops. This version uses Denali, Citra and Cascade hops for a bright citrus aroma and tropical fruit flavors. It's unfiltered with a light malt character, medium bitterness, and a dry finish. 4.0% - Available at Desert Edge

Desert Edge - Frühlingspunkt: Meaning "vernal equinox" in German. This is a golden colored lager with a very light toasted malt flavor and floral hops. This lager is a balance between the darker, malty flavored beers of winter and the crisp refreshing beers of summer. It's a perfect beer 
for the transition to the sunny days and cool nights of spring. 4.0% - Available at Desert Edge.

Epic/Ellipsis Brewery - Wheat Wine: This collaboration beer between Epic and Florida's Ellipsis Brewing has a light copper color with an amber hue. The aroma starts with sweet honey and lightly burnt caramel. From there alcohol soaked raisin and hints of banana begin to emerge. Lots of peppery alcohol. The herbal and piny hops become more pronounced towards the end. The finish is dry with a slight but lingering bitterness. 10.1% - Available at Epic Brewing.

Hoppers - Hell’s Backbone Porter: Named after one of Utah's iconic destinations for dark skies and dramatic scenery, this beer is made with Utah grown barley and malted here in the Salt Lake Valley. The owner of Solstice Malt personally smoked some of the barley with mesquite wood. English Chocolate Malt and Crystal malt are added for color, flavor and full body. The flavor is a smooth chocolate and caramel with a light smoke flavor that becomes more noticed in the finish as it warms.  4.0% - Available at Hoppers.

T.F. Brewing - Delmar: This new Imperial Stout is full of dark roast components with big molasses and burnt toffee. Coffee flavors come in next adding some astringent qualities. Char and caramel duke it out towards the end. The finish is quite hoppy and bitter with a bit of heat as well. Not for the timid. 11.5% - Available at T.F. Brewing and at better beer pubs.

T.F. Brewing - Pineapple Berliner: Like most Berliner Weisse beers this starts with a good dose of lemony tartness, then bam! your hit with pineapple. It's not super sweet like juice it closer to the green part towards the rind. A super refreshing sour beer. 4.0% - Available at T.F. Brewing.

Proper - SEE YA LATER, DENISE:  Named tor an an obscure infamous specifically Utah-flavored misinterpretation of the phrase "bye, Felicia", this whirlpool-hopped American pale ale is juicy and full of fruity aromatics - and most importantly, a portion of the proceeds goes to the Hunstman Cancer Institute in honor of our badass friend, cancer warrior, and amazing beer lady Jamie Burnham - come enjoy a pint of Denise for a great cause while it lasts! 4.0%

Lagunitas - Secret Agenda: It has a very clear deep gold appearance with a nose that is malty and hoppy. The tastes is mostly malt driven with a caramel nuttiness. Some grapefruity hop flavors round out the back end. There's a slight bitter finish. If your looking for a traditional bock, this ain't it. The hop bill is somewhat unconventional for the style. 7.1% - Available at DABC.

Elevation - Apis IV: Aromas of plum, fig, caramel and honey with hints of chocolate and molasses. Rich and dark flavors with an interesting honey flavor. Next comes Fig Newtons along with the dark roasted malt. Some dank and earthy sweetness rounds out the palate. 10.7% - Available at DABC.

Elevation - Pilsner: The aroma has some light, cereal/grainy notes with grassy hops. The flavor starts light and toasty with minimal malt sweetness. From there a good dose of Saaz hop bitterness blasts the palate. Finishes crisp and dry. Nice pils. 5.0% - Available at DABC.

Elevation - 8 Seconds Kölsch: The nose offers up some hay, honey and some grainy breadiness. The flavor was quite similar with hay, lemon, honey, floral and some light grainy bread. Not quite traditional but it's got good flavor and it kinda reminds me that it's finally spring. 4.5% -  Available at DABC.

New Belgium -Glütiny Pale Ale: This beer is brewed using an enzyme to break down the proteins that trigger a reaction from gluten sensitive drinkers. Therefore, these beers are being referred to as “gluten removed” instead of gluten free. The beers fall within the FDA guidelines of less than 20 parts per million. Glütiny features Equinox hops, for flavors of guava and papaya. 6.0% - Found at the Bayou.

New Belgium Liquid Paradise IPA: Missed out on this one. It's described as having Mosaic, Incognito, Azacca and Cascade hops that boasts a mélange of tropical notes to create a delicately bitter and extremely aromatic IPA.7.8% - Found at the Bayou.


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