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Thursday, June 27, 2019

Founders Is Coming to Utah

Better late than never, eh? Founders Brewing Company announced Wednesday that they were adding Utah to their distribution footprint; making the beehive state their 49th territory (only Hawaii remains).

Founders will be partnering with two wholesalers, General and Wasatch Distributors,” said CEO and Co-Founder Mike Stevens. “For years, craft beer enthusiasts have been asking us to bring them Founders and, with the recent changes made by the state legislature to increase allowable ABVs to 5%, that time has come. Founders is a perfect fit for Utah’s recreational climate and gives us more reason to spend time in such a beautiful state.”

When the ABV law changes this November, you can count on seeing (at the very least) All Day IPA in grocery and C-stores in addition to draft at on-premise retail accounts. Look for other other Founders favorites include, Backwoods Bastard, Dirty Bastard and Rubaeus Raspberry Ale to eventually hit bars, restaurants and DABC stores. 

You can plan on seeing Founders' suds in the next few weeks (mid July). Anyone one have thoughts on this new entry into the market?


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