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Friday, June 21, 2019

New Beer Friday: Summer Solstice Edition

Welcome to summer! It's currently 48 degrees as I write this. Luckily, our beer selections today will fit the bill, no matter the temperature. Happy New Beer Friday!

Park City - Belgian White: This witbier has a nose full of wheat bread aromas along with a hint of lemon peel. It's more hefeweizen-like. Taste wise the yeast is a bit more prevalent with some minor yeast phenols adding a bit of spiciness. The Belgian character doesn't really come out too much in this, so depending on your love for witbiers this may, or may not work for you. Clean taste. 4.0% - Should be popping up in most grocery stores.

Shades - Brut IPA: Super clear and golden in color. Some faint citrus peel in the aroma with very little else. The taste is bone dry. All of the sugar were pretty much wiped out creating a super dry IPA that has just a touch citrus and floral bitterness. Of all of the bruts that I've had, this is by far the brutiest. Highly drinkable, and with all of that sugar zapped away, it's very low in calories. 4.0% - Available on draft at Shades. 

Shades Citrus Bomb Kveik: Looks and smells like citrus juice. Little to no head retention. Upon first swig you get a lot citrus twang that is nice and mouth watering. Sweetness is moderate to low; it's  like a dry alcoholic version of Sunny D. made with tangerine, grapefruit, blood orange and Citra hops. 6.0% - Available at Shades and your better craft beer pubs.

Shades Premium Lager: This lager has a nice spicy and grassy Saaz hop aroma. The taste follows the nose, with a good balance of biscuit malts and somewhat faint citrus hops. There's also a certain herbal grassiness, with light spicy notes as well. Finishes with a light bitterness and light herbal/spicy note lingering in the aftertaste. 4.0% - This draft beer is supposed to debut today at Shades.

Wasatch - Top of  Main Series BA English Style Barley Wine: This new barley wine was aged in pino noir barrels. It has a aomas of light caramel, biscuits, malt sugars and very light red wine notes.
The taste is similar to the nose. Loads of sweet toffee and caramel with prune and a hint of pecan. An almost port like red wine flavor comes next with a little bit of oak and vanilla rounding it out. It has a nice aged quality already. Alcohol seems fairly weel hidden. Very nice.10.4% - Found at Wasatch Park City and the West Side Tavern in SLC.

Wasatch  - Top of  Main Series BA Baltic Porter: This Baltic was aged in brandy barrels. The nose has a good dose of cocoa and spicy wine, with a hint of booze. The taste starts off with pleasant notes of roasted malt and caramel. Cocoa and vague dark fruits emerge next combining with the brandy barrel for a spicy vinous twang. The end is dry with a hint of lingering heat. Nice and complex. 9.9% - Found at Wasatch Park City and the West Side Tavern in SLC.

Illuminated Brew Works - Brony: The nose was dry with light citrus peel and vague fruits. Taste wise the beer has melon, strawberry and caramel up front with tangerine peel bitterness. The fruitiness is suble as lingers in the background for the most part - letting the bitterness do a fair amount of the heavy lifting. The finish has a light fruitiness with little lingering bitterness. A tasty IPA. 7.0% - Found at Beer Bar and Bayou.


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