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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

After all, you know this guy (is a biggot)

This is the look of a bewildered man. A man that created one hell of a shit storm. A shit storm that has, with in a few days; circled the entire globe. Monday, I did my best trying to narrow the great chasm that seperates the State of Utah, from the rest of the world. Now... a brief explanation alcohol measurments in the great galactic scheme of things is a pretty small attemp, but this is a bloody, beer blog for christ sake! Anyway, all that was done. Has been; so easily, undone. From New York, to Sydney, to London People are talking about the freaky, little, Mormon city in the mountains, that has no tolerance for anything outside of it's Neo-Christian values. Thanks to uncle Larry's, Brokeback Mountain about-face. We are now that twisted, little kid from the neighboorhood; that nobody one wants to play with, because he pees all over everyones toys (you know who you are).
This whole mess could have been avoided, had Miller paid more attention, to what his theater was taking on, when he contracted with Focus Features and not aquired the film in the first place. And we wouldn't be wasting valuable beer blogging time on stupid shit like this. This is the same guy who's tv station: KJZZ cancelled it's affiliation with UPN Television, because it's programing was too "black" for our fair skinned community. Christ, I need a beer.

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