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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

------------------BEST BEER POLL---------------

National, international and regional beer competions happen almost monthly. We get the results and we get to see how our local brews stack up against brews from all over. But as far as I know there's never been a contest or poll, to rate how our local stuff does against one and other. So, I thought I'd throw it out there. What's your favorite local brew? Choose your single favorite from of one of these eight styles. Hefs, Pils, Amber/Pales, IPA, Dark Lagers, Porters, Stouts and Belgiums. I know we could break-down the styles even more, but we'll try to keep it simple. So, choose one local from the catagories above, then your one outstanding out-of-state favorite. In 30 days we'll tally 'em up. Who know, maybe one day we can put together an official best of state beer. Cheers!


Anonymous said...

Several quick votes as to best locals (from a really damn thin set of choices):

IPA: IPA Junior, Redrock (probably the best beer in the state!)
stout: Espresso Stout, Desert Edge
pale: Full Suspension on cask, Squatters
amber: Emigration Amber (especially on cask!), Squatters
pilsener: Pilsner, Roosters 25th Street Brewing
dark lager: Cherny Bock, Bohemian

(and hell no, "Amber/Pales" shouldn't be one category!)

And to anticipate the arguments about IPA Junior being the best beer in the state: I think the Uinta Barleywine is SAD. Much as I like the idea of supporting local, I ALWAYS choose Bigfoot over it when at the state wine store.

mikey said...

In response to Anonymous' "hell no" to the amber/pale category he/she is right. So, they are now they're own seperate categories. And since we're headed that way anyway, let's break up Hefs into German & American styles. There are not that many Belgium styles being made in the state. So, we will keep one category for all. Any other changes? Let me know. So, with those changes my pics are...

Pilsner: Bohemian Pils
Hefeweisen-German: Wasatch Hef
Hefeweisen-American: Desert Edge
Dark Lager: Bohemian's Cherny Bock
Amber Ale: Squatters Emigration Amber.
Pale Ale: Uinta Cutthroat
Porter: Uinta Kings Peark Porter
IPA: Squatter's IPA
Stout: Rooster's Chocolate Stout
Belgium Ale: Red Rock's Wit

I do have to disagree with Anonymous(you really need a nick). IPA Junior, is a great ale but it doesn't compare to Squatter's And Uinta's Barleywine(espesially #10) walks all over Bigfoot.