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Thursday, January 12, 2006

Beer Poll Addendums

In response to Anonymous' "hell no" to the amber/pale category he/she is right. So, they are now they're own seperate categories. And since we're headed that way anyway, let's break up Hefs into German & American styles. There are not that many Belgium styles being made in the state. So, we will keep one category for all. Any other changes? Let me know. Feel free to adjust your picks according to the new categories.
I do have to disagree with Anonymous (you really need a nick). IPA Junior, is a great ale but it doesn't compare to Squatter's IPA and Uinta's Barleywine (espesially #10) walks all over Bigfoot.


dan said...

Anonymous here again: I've now ventured just slightly out of the ether with my name.

Ummmm, Squatter's IPA, well... no. If it weren't for its status as the one relatively mainstream Utah beer (taking out, then, Uinta Anniversary) above 4%, it wouldn't even get a second look. I mean, really: let's put it up against almost any, say, Colorado IPA (so it's apples and apples for ABV), and it'll run away in shame. It's bitter, embarassingly underhopped for an IPA, and has a weird, sickly plantlike quality. I think the largest problem is that it is SO damn underhopped for an IPA: I mean, c'mon, Utah Brewers Cooperative: this is the ONE beer you get to really pack in the hops since you can afford to balance them with sufficient fermentable sugars (in the form of the grain bill) and you turn out this crap? Sad.

> Uinta's Barleywine (espesially
> #10) walks all over Bigfoot.

WHOA! Now, reasonable minds can disagree on the Squatters IPA and whether or not it basically sucks (which I think it does.) But this is crazy talk, friend. The 2005 Bigfoot just kicks the crap out of XI, which is like drinking alcoholic sheet metal, and handily smacks down X as well. IX was probably my favorite of the three that I've had, but the X and XI are both pretty sad offerings. (Sure, I'll drink them over almost any of the local 4% offerings, but that's just because it includes more interesting hop and grain bills.)

In fairness, however, they are essentially different styles: the Uinta Anniversary is really more a thinnish, high gravity English style barleywine, while Bigfoot exemplifies the American barleywine style.

I'll take AleSmith Old Numbskull, Rogue Old Crustacean, Great Divide Old Ruffian, Anchor Old Foghorn, and many others, any day before Uinta Anniversary (of any vintage.) And if we're standing at the state wine store, since they are now (sniff) out of Bigfoot 05, I'll absolutely choose Full Sail Old Boardhead before Uinta. I wish I could represent for the local guys, I really, honestly do, but these two offerings just don't hold up.

mikey said...

Danny... your arguments are valid and in some respect, I agree. I would love to have an 'uber hoppped' IPA made in town. More hops the better, as far as i'm concerned. But Judging on style I have to stick with my guns and say that Squatters has a text-book IPA and the medals to back it up. As far as The Barleywines we're just going to have to agree-to-dissagree. Full Sail Old Boardhead before Uinta? Shame on you!
Speaking of Full Sail, have you tried 'Wreak the Halls yet?