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Tuesday, January 17, 2006


Look at these two guys. They need a beer so bad, they're ready to start sucking on that football.
Actually, the guy on the left looks like he's about to make out with it. The soft, yet firm textues reminding him of a rondeveux that never was, beckoning him... Ah, sorry, I degress. You can't blame them. It's not a huge stretch of the imagination. Beer and football go together like... like prison and rape(too harsh?). Anyway, If you were planning on tossing some of your hard earned moola at your favorite bookey, here's a sure-fire way to ensure a profitable outcome. The equation is this, City+ Beer= Win. So, lets look at the cities in question and the brewing prowess therein. The first match-up: Denver/Pittsburg. Putting up Denver's best brews up against the Iron City's best. No contest, Denver wins hands down. Which really pisses me off!!! because I hate the fucking Broncos. Moving on to the NFC: Seattle/Charlotte. Again, no contest. Charlotte's "Brew Culture" makes Utah's look like Bavaria. The Northwest, is debatably the brewing mecca of North America. Hence, Seattle wins easily. Now we move to the Super Bowl. Two, very strong, beer loving communities. This is a very tough call that will have to be left to the domain of public opinion. After comparing two websites. Beeradvocate.com and Ratebeer.com. The ultimate winner looks like Denver by a narrow margin. Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck!!! If you don't like the outcome (and i don't) don't blame me. Blame Jerry, my comrad in swill. He came up with this, last night over a couple.. three...ok, ten pints! So, blame him, and if you loose money. Let me know and I'll give you his Address. What an ass!!!

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