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Monday, January 16, 2006

Rogue's Imperial India Pale Ale

If you like 'em big and hoppy and need a winter warmer, Rogue has your medicine. The I2PA is unfiltered and aged for 9 months. It has a tangerine color with a big, soapy head. The nose is full on blast of spruce, grapefruit and bitters. The taste starts with a hop explosion. Tons of piney, citrus flavors up front as well as some carmel sweetness. Intense bitterness comes up in the rear and leaves a dry, bitter aftertaste. Alcohol warms shortly after, leaving a spicy bitterness in the mouth. This is one of the most delicious beers i've ever had!
It comes in a 750 ml. black ceramic bottle, and packs a staggering 9.5% alcohol by volume. As far as I know it's only available at The Bayou. Be sure and bring pleanty of pennys it. It'll run you about $24.


dan said...

A less, ahem, assertive comment: yes, isn't the Rogue I2PA lovely stuff? I just had it several times in Portland. Get this: at the Rogue Public House(s), their equivalent of brewpubs, samplers are $5.25 for four 4 oz. glasses. But they don't mind giving you all strong ales, and are even willing to give you four of the same beer. Yum!

(And as I recall, the 750ml ceramic bottles of I2PA were only about $13.)

mikey said...

Ah... to live in beer-friendly enviroment. It makes me weep. Maybe this legistative session, our lawmakers could raise the beer tax again, so i can pay $30 a bottle. wouldn't that be cool!