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Monday, January 12, 2009

Hazed & Infused

Here's a relatively new beer to the area, that you probably never got a chance to try. Even though this offering from from Boulder Brewing has been around since November not many have noticed it. One of the thing that makes this brew so delicious is it's great hop profile. Hazed and Infused is brewed with Centennial, Willamette and Cascade hops then is "dry hopped" with Crystal and Centennial hops. If your not familiar with "Dry Hopping" it's the process whereby hops are added uncooked or "dry" to the beer at different stages of fermentation. Many beer styles, such as pale ales or IPAs, are traditionally dry hopped to produce the authentic fresh hop flavor.

This brew really shines. Pours a clear light amber orange with a large three fingers of fluffy creamy white head. The nose is an intense bouquet of citrus and pine( I think I felt it move).
The flavor is even better, very hoppy for an APA, hoppier than some IPAs. Excellent grapefruit and tangerine find balance in soft floral and sweet grass. Solid caramel malt backbone. Complex and flavorful. Body is medium, soft, creamy and smooth. Extreme drinkability. One of the best American Pale Ales available in town.

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