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Friday, April 17, 2009

Double-Wammy from Wasatch

Wasatch's Summer seasonals are now available. They were scheduled to be released separately, but luckily for us, we got a spring double-wammy. Both Twilight and Summerbrau were released earlier this week.

Twilight is a 4.0% Kolsch that should be available at most grocery stores.
Summerbrau is a 5.6% copper-hued Czech-style pilsner that can be purchased right now at the Utah Brewers Coop and should be at state liquor stores shortly. I hear really good things about the Summerbrau. It's feeling warmer already. Prost!


colbylee said...

They are both really good beers. I favored the twilight. Good work Wasatch!

Douglas said...

I'm looking forward to both.