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Monday, April 27, 2009

Epic Brewery News

Last week the "Beer Gnerd of the Wasatch" ('lil ol' me) gave you the first news on Epic Brewery, Utah's newest craft brew endeavor that will be opening soon. Today brotha's and sista's I have some more specific info on it, it's truly a unique concept for this area.

As I mentioned last week the main thing that will separate Epic from the rest of our beloved brewpubs and breweries is it's commitment to create local beers that are all 4.0% ABV and above.

Also, no signature labels will be made. Most, if not all breweries have a standard beer that is always made to keep revenue steady. This will not be the case with Epic.

The newest tidbit of info takes the concept a bit further. I'm not sure how to word it, but for now let's call them "Boutique Breweries". The concept here is to have multiple small breweries set up around the state to allow for beer to be made fresh and localized for the various regions of Utah.

So for instance you'll have a small brewery in downtown SLC, that will make a few different rotating beers. Then soon after you'll have another open up in the south end of Salt Lake County-Then another in Park City-then in Ogden and so on.

The Epic breweries could be making the same beers at the various spots with "personal touches" here and there or mix them up completely. Tasting rooms will be available as well as a beer store.

Local guy Kevin Crompton has been hired as Epic's Brewmaster. Kevin has worked for Uinta, Kona, the Utah Brewers Coop and most recently at Bohemian Brewery. Congrats my man!

I don't think Epic will immediately rewrite what our local brewers do. Utah does low ABV beer very well, I don't think that this will cut into that market too much. But as Utah's population increases and people from outside of the state relocate, I do think that the winds of change are upon us, and this may be a look at things to come... maybe sooner than would have thought. Cheers!


Douglas said...

Any location secured yet? Since they have hired a brewer things should move along at a decent pace I'd think. Sounds cool.

Mikey said...

A location in SLC has been confirmed. But I was asked not to reveal it until all papers are inked. Operations could commence as soon as late summer.

Douglas said...

Dude, your basement doesn't count as a location:). Seriously this sounds awesome.