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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Moab's Desert Select Series

Here's some updated info on Moab's new series of beers.

- The series will be known as the Desert Select Ales.
- The first released will be the Black Imperial IPA.
- Second will be the Belgian Style Triple.
- The third will be a Scotch Ale (aged in French oak).

They're going to run you about $13 - $15 for a one liter bottle.
And for now they will only be available for purchase at the brewpub in Moab.
Moab Brewery has applied for the class 5 packaging licence, and as soon as that it issued you be able to buy unopened bottles to go.

All beers are hand bottled at the brewery and are bottle conditioned.
These are small batch series. only 800 (approx) per bottling.

More info as I get it. Cheers!


rip said...

Any word on when they are going to have them available? I'm going to be in Moab in a couple of weeks and would love to try that Black IPA. Had Stone's anniversy BIPA a couple of years ago....WOW! One of my favorite beers of all time.

Good on Moab pushing the limits on Utah beer!

Douglas said...

Yeah this seems awesome. Here is where I worry: these will have to be bottles obviously, and having them at the brewpub in Moab only not only limits exposure but something like a IIPA would be harmed by sitting for some time. I guess this is only a first step, but I'd like to see a larger availability and production. Perhaps sending some bottles to the Bayou. Also, how about bottling with 12 oz bottles not 1 liter. Then you triple the amount of bottles available. Anyway, awesome news Moab Brewing is stepping up big time. Wow!

Mikey said...

Rip, they should be available around that time.

Dougie, they're just starting up this new system. I'm sure eventually it will become a bigger thing once it gets it's legs. I wouldn't wait to long to get down there though. Tourist season is just getting underway down there. I'm sure they won't last too long.

Douglas said...

Yeah, you're right the tourists will eat em up. Damn it. How do you feel about a road trip Mikey?