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Friday, May 01, 2009

The HB51 Beers Debut Today

One of the great things about living in this area is the great sense of community. There are very few places around the world where competitors actually enjoy collaborating with each other on their crafts.

All of the brewpubs that participated in the brewing of the HB51 beer have kegged their individual interpretation on the collaboration amber ale. And as promised they are all very different.

Wednesday evening the participating brewers gathered together at the Desert Edge brewpub to show off their brews. Desert Edge offered it's unfiltered version - Hoppers aged it with oak - RedRock had it's filtered version - Squatters added Amarillo hops via a hopback and Wasatch dry-hopped with nine pounds of Amarillo.

As promised they were all very different and unique. A perfect example of how an individuals personal touches can make a common beer somewhat special.

The HB51 beers are available starting today at the brewpubs listed above. The Utah Brewers Coop will also have the Wasatch version available. All brewers encourage patrons to try every version.

Note: The Bohemian Brewery was slated to participate but for some reason had to opt-out.

And speaking of Bohemian, some sad news. Owner/Brewermaster Joe Petras collapsed earlier this week and is said to be in serious condition at an area hospital. No specifics available right now.

Let’s all send our best wishes and prayers for Joe's recovery.


Douglas said...

Sorry to hear about Joe, Bohemia is having a tough time, but I hope they keep on going strong. You've got to love the Pilsner from Bohemia. I'm looking forward to trying these HB51s. Any idea about how long they'll be around?

Mikey said...

No idea on how long they'll be on tap. A week and a half sounds about right. I wouldn't wait too long Dougie.

Douglas said...

I'll do my best. I'd hate to miss any of them, too bad I can't get them all in one place:(

Andrew said...

I tried the Red Rock HB51 yesterday and it was pretty good. Going attempt to try the others this weekend.

kent said...

Ran to the Beernut and brewed up my own version this weekend in honor of the National Homebrew day. We'll see how it comes out.

Anonymous said...

I got my goods at art's I love saving money in a depression. (recession) BTW it tastes kick ass and it's not an amber.

Douglas said...

I've had three versions; Red Rock, Squatters and Desert Edge. All were, not surprisingly similar. I liked the Squatters version the most probably due to it's palate, which was a bit fuller. I'm looking forward to the Hoppers version hopefully today.

Murgatroid Brewing said...

I apologize for not being able to participate in the HB51 beer, due to our expansion the tank space was not available. We have to remove a significant number of tanks out of the existing brewery and replace them with larger tanks. Due to this I was kind of stuck keeping our standard lineup of beers in the tanks that are not being moved around.
I apologize again.

Bobby Jackson
Head Brewer
Bohemian Brewery

Pete said...

Joe is doing very well. Actually back at 110% but I'm going to be taking a big load off of him coming up. And Bobby said it... We're expanding and couldn't participate this time around due to construction. Sorry guys and gals.

Pete Petras
Bohemian Brewery