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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Lindzee O' Michaels

Park City listen up! Your beer options just got a boost. Last week a new bar opened in the PC that plans to specialize in top tier beers. Lindzee O' Michaels isn't a beer bar but is working on a providing residents and tourist with a variety hand picked beers to satisfy your inner beer dork.

Lindzee O' Michaels currently has 47 beers available and plan to expand the list as their business expands. One of their gimmicks is serving Mickey's Malt Liquor in a paper bag. Perhaps they should provide an extra bag for your head. Just in case one of your friends sees you drinking Mickey's.

Lindzee O' Michaels is located at 825 south Main St. in Park City. Cheers!


Douglas said...

I see they have the Mirror Pond Pale Ale...very nice. I'm looking forward to visiting this place.

The Original Andy said...

I don't make it up to PC very often, but I'll definitely check this place out if I have a chance. Disappointing to see they're carrying Uinta like every other place. Goddammit I hate that nasty, flabby, muddled-flavors Cutthroat so much. Couldn't they get Red Rock or the Bohemian to distribute to them? It'd set them apart in PC.
That's a pretty darn good beer list, though. I hope they're able to move product and stick with it.

Das Bierman said...

Hi all,

I am Scott, the guy responsible for the beer menu at Lindzee's. I think we are off to a great start as far as the beer selection, but I am always open to suggestions. Our goal is to have the greatest beer menu in Park City, if not the entire State of Utah.

We are the first in the State to carry the great beers from the Pacific Northwest (Deschutes Mirror Pond & Black Butte XX) and I am hoping that the DABC will let us get other world class beers from other amazing regions like So. Cal (Stone & Port Brewing) and Colorado (Great Divide, Avery, Breckenridge & Odell).

We are pleased to already carry some of the best beers coming from Belgium including Rochefort 8 & 10, Duval Golden Belgian Ale and Westmalle Tripel.

Be assured that we will continue to push the envelope and bring our customers the best of the best. You will not find a better opportunity to try the greatest beers in the world in Park City than you will find at Lindzee O’ Michaels.

Check out our menu at http:/www.lindzeeomichaels.com and I am sure that you will agree that we are we are well on our way to raising the bar and bringing the most amazing selection of beer that you love to Park City.

Thanks in advance for the opportunity to have an awesome beer with you!

Douglas said...

Scott, great to hear from you. Obviously, getting new beer into the state is not always easy and I wish you luck. Keep us updated on new beer, and I'll make the trip up anytime (especially for new beer!). I'll stop up soon and give you some pub on ratebeer.