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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Better Beer Ordinances in Provo?

We all know that it's a little tougher to get a beer in the ultra conservative city of Provo than it is in other Utah communities. The huge number of churches and schools make it difficult to accommodate businesses that want to sell beer.

Currently the distance between a store selling beer and a church, school or library is 500 ft. with such tight restrictions it's impossible for new grocery and convenience stores that want to sell beer to open in the city.

Well the Provo Municipal Council agreed Tuesday to consider rolling back that ordinance from 500 to 200 feet. The proposed ordinance would only affect convenience stores and grocery stores that sell beer, not bars.

With the Utah County Convention Center coming, it is important for the city to adopt more reasonable standard as prospective businesses start looking to expand in the city.

The council will vote on the matter at its Aug. 3 meeting. If you live in Provo and this affects you, it may be worth your time to attend this meeting and voice your opinion.


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