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Monday, July 12, 2010

Big Cottonwood Amber Ale

Squatters will be releasing a new beer soon, based on an old favorite. Big Cottonwood Amber Ale is a 6.4% version of Squatters popular Emigration Amber Ale. "I have always wanted to make my Emigration Amber at a higher level of alcohol - and since Emigration was the first beer brewed at Squatters twenty one years ago, I thought a higher alcohol Amber would make a perfect beer for first release on my new filler."

The filler that Jenny is referring to is a new 2 head beer filler that will allow the Squatters staff to get their high abv beers in the bottles quickly and more efficiently.

Anyway back to the beer. Big Cottonwood Amber is made with all fresh whole flowers and they're using a new whole flower dryhop technique that gives it an amazing hop character. So it is definitely brewed for those who like their Amber Ales on the hoppy side.

Big Cottonwood will be sold in 22 oz bombers and is at 6.4% abv with 49 IBUs. The cost will be $5 and will be sold out of the brewery door to customers for packaging store price. Restaurant/table price will be more than $5, but the exact restaurant markup has not been decided yet.

The release is tentatively scheduled for July 19th. That could change.



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