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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Shades of Pale Update

Getting a brewery off the ground is a huge endeavor. From brewing equipment to supplies to city ordinances it can be a daunting task. Now try to imagine doing everything by yourself. That's what's happening at Shades of Pale Brewing Co. Trent Fargher's one man band brewery has been slow getting off the ground, but considering Trent's tenacity and love for brewing the end result should for make for happy Utah beer lovers.

Since Trent got his license to brew he has spent more time giving away samples of his brews at area beer festivals than he's sold (which is zero). The beer festivals are an important tool to help tweak recipes and get feedback from colleagues.

After the Mountain brewers festival and based on input from festival judges, Trent redesigned his anchor beer, Parley’s Pale White Ale. "Based on the feedback of the judges I redesigned the beer. I believe it to be a much better - easy drinking adult beverage that will have you wanting more than one. It is nice and refreshing with a light flavor profile.

Shades of Pale is also close to finalizing recipes for two other beers, a Kolsch named A Perfect Stranger and a yet to be named Espresso Stout. "I will have a batch of the Kolsch ready sometime this week for sampling and feedback". As far as the Stout goes Trent will "dry coffee" (like a dry-hop) for addition aroma and flavor during the secondary fermentation. That should make the stout "perfectly robust". The recipe is based on a Russian Imperial grain bill but scaled back to 4.0% abv.

Shades of Pale is also going to produce a small batch series of beers called EXP SOP the X factor "We plan on having a monthly release where we get customer feedback based on a limited production. Most likely one of a kind beer from very small batches. This will be beer that will be all over the board, no holds bar".

Initially Trent's plan was only to keg beer. Now the plan is to have a small bottle shop as well. "We'll do that after we start lining accounts up for distribution as we understand our supply chain and make sure we meet demand".

The bottler is on the list of need to purchase Items. "I held off on it to see how much room we have once the 7bbl system is in place. It might have to go upstairs on the second floor. Once I know the amount of space we have to play with I will be seeking either a bottler or a small can line".

Hopefully all will be in place within the next month or so, if you can't wait Shades of Pale will be pouring some of their beer at the upcoming Festival of Flavors at Brian Head Resort on August 21st. Good thing he's making beer... he's gunna need one.

In other Utah Beer news. Uinta Brewing is finally opening their long awaited Bottle shop at the brewery today. Now you can get every beer that Uinta/Four+ makes, cold right from the brewery. Don't get me started on why it's taken so long... Today's post is long enough. Just thank the boys and girls at Uinta for figuring out a solution and bring the bottle shop to fruition.



Ricky H. said...

I can't wait to try S.O.P. beers. I really hope they do very well, not just because I named their first beer. I want to believe that a single individual can start up a brewery and make it work.
---Ricky H.

kent said...

Well said Ricky.