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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Zoo Pub!

The other evening I was sitting on my porch enjoying beer and I thought to myself, "This beer is great - but you know what would really make it great? to drink it in the company of an Asian Tiger". We'll the folks at Hogle Zoo must have been reading my freak'n mind!

On August 5th, after all the lil' kiddies have have left, Zoo Pub opens for the adults. Zoo Pub will offer up to 15 different beers, including selections from Hoppers, Uinta and other local favorites. The ticket price is $40 and includes Zoo admission, bratwursts and snacks courtesy of Taste of the Wild Catering and of course the beer!

Zoo Pub is for adults, 21 and older, and valid ID must be presented at check in. The Zoo will admit guests 30 minute prior to the start of the event. Parking will be in the South Parking Lot behind the Zoo, just off Wasatch Blvd. Zoo staffers will guide you to the Asian Highlands exhibit from there.

The Hogle Zoo is a great place and it could really use you support. For more info on how to purchase tickets, call Guest Services at 801-584-1769.



Douglas said...

I love the idea! Will I get to drink with the animals, that is the question. Gorillas can pound a ton of beer.

Heather Howell said...


Mikey said...

Doug, I don't think you want to be "drunk under the table" by a spider monkey.

kent said...

Perhaps not but I'd like to see Doug get "drunk under the table" by a spider monkey. That's got to be entertaining.

Douglas said...

Dear Spider Monkey,
I accept your challenge. Lets go!

brenda said...

Awesome idea! I just came across you guys after a friend posted this link on her fb page.
Uncle Uncanny's Music Festival is coming up in August in Heber Valley. We're offering a sponsorship package right now to anyone who would like to sponsor the festival in exchange for advertising their company. Let me know if you'd like some information!
Regardless, you should come to the festival! You seem like our kind of people :)

Ed said...

Any suggestions for a good pairing with the hippo house?

Mikey said...

"Any suggestions for a good pairing with the hippo house?"

Is a stout too obvious?