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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Good and Bad of Cold Beer

I get it... it's summer - it's hot you want your beer cold to help quench your thirst. But how cold is too Cold?

Last week the City Weekly's cover story focused on "The best places in Utah to order a cold one". Now I'm not opposed to a frigidly ice cold beer on the right occasion, but given the option, I'd much rather taste my beer than flash freeze my taste-buds with it. And let's face it some beer is better not being tasted.

I was going to write up some comments about City Weekly's Coldest Beer Issue, but Mark Alston of the Bayou beat me to it - and frankly did a better job at it than I would have. Mark is the number one purveyor of suds in Utah, so I invite you to please check out Mark's keen insight on the matter at his blog on the Bayou's Website.

I give the City weekly's staff credit for getting out there and dipping their thermometers in beer statewide and not just keeping it localized to Salt lake City. I understand it's good work if you can get it!

One thing is for sure, properly refrigerated beer will be pouring at the City Weekly's Beerfest on Saturday September 11th. The Beer fest will be held at Washington Square (SLC City/County Building block) and run from 1-6 PM. Please put it on your calendar.


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Anonymous said...

I drank a (atleast) 103 degree Natural Ice yesterday that I left in my car. It nearly exploded when I opened it, I only lost half the can to gushing but it tasted AWESOME!