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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

2011 St. Patrick's Day Options

Remember. No green beer today. Some people will drink it. They don't know any better, you do... or else you wouldn't be reading this.

The following is a great list of "Beer Gnerd" approved Irish-ish beer options for your St. Patty's Day enjoyment.

Wasatch Jalapeño Cream Ale: Not Irish but it is made with something green.

Hoppers Red Head:
Brand new from Hoppers. It's an Irish strong ale modernized with a toasty flavor, golden naked oats for a nice creamy texture some roasted barley and a blend of crystal malts for a delicate sweetness and some depth.

RedRock Hibernian: A very malty, Irish style ale. Clean filtered and reddish brown in color. Up front character is caramel malt tones. Low in bitterness, however, has a slight hop finish to it.

Squatters McGrueh's Dry Irish Stout:
Black with a thick creamy tan "nito head". The nose rich with espresso and roasted biscuit The taste starts with coffee then turns to espresso. Heavily roasted malt come next with a nutty/smokiness in the end. Mild hops come late and provide a slightly dry finish.

Uinta Wyld Organic Extra Pale Ale:
Not Irish but tasty. Starts with a pleasing pulse of grapefruit juice and orange peel followed by sweet maltiness. Into the finish the bitter hop grapefruit note grows and lingers deep into the after taste.

Desert Edge LDS Stout: One of the best year round stouts in the state.

Rogue Kells: Light in color. Very clean flavor, malty, with nice crisp finish!

Smithwick's: from Ireland's oldest brewery. This is a classic Irish Red Ale.

Beamish: doesn't get as much pub as Guinness, but is much better. In my Opinion.

Basically, if your drinking locally made beers today you've already made the best choice.

Sláinte & be safe!


Zach said...

Really? You misspelled 'Smithwicks?'

Plang said...

Hoppers Hotheaded Red Head is a great beer! I got a few bottles for today - the "real" opening of the NCAA tournament! What? You were thinking something else was going on today?

Mikey said...

@ Zach. Damn word Nazi!!! :)

I guess I'll have to change it....

kent said...

Anybody know of a good corned beef and cabbage around?

Mikey said...

I never had a bad Corned Beef & Cabbage at any of the places I've gone. Murphy's and the Bayou stand out.

Squatters Pubs and Beers said...

Squatters is serving up corned beef and cabbage for lunch and dinner. Irish-ish beers: McGrueh's Dry Irish Stout and O'Caden's Irish Red (carbonated version).

PS: We have (3) 529 left until second version comes out this May.