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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Tenaya Creek Brewing

There are some new beers available to you today. They're from a small Las Vegas brewery called Tenaya Creek. These new beer may be from Vegas but their beginnings were born in Utah.

Let's dial the Wayback Machine to the late eighties. The location? The University of Utah. Tim Etter, an average, everyday guy is introduced to homebrewing. This man's commitment to this once small hobby of making beer in a tiny apartment would soon blossom into a full time career.

When Tim finished his time at the "U", he moved on to attended UC Davis in Northern California to study Fermentation Science. Upon returning to Salt Lake, he aligned himself with a little known start-up brewery called Uinta Brewing Company. Tim excelled at Uinta, but on a trip to the place of his birth (Las Vegas) Tim would discover that the folks in the desert were in desperate need of fresh handcrafted suds.

Fast forward to early 1999, Tenaya Creek Brewing Company was established and Sin City has been a much better place ever since.

Unless you've been to Vegas you may have never tried Tenaya Creek's beer. However, recently Tim and his family purchased a bottling line, now Tenaya Creek is out of Nevada and Salt Lake is one of the first markets outside of Vegas to benefit from the Etter's love of beer.

There are three beers currently available in Salt Lake. All are currently only at the Beerhive.

The first is Old Jackalope Barleywine. This is the only one I've tried. Citrus and Piney nose with a ton of sticky malts. The taste starts with toffee and caramel. Pine and tobacco come next with a slight alcohol burn. The end is sweet with an aggressively hoppiness in the finish.

Next is Nut Brown Ale. Light brown in color, this ale is quite malty while the hop profile is generally low. 5.6% abv.

The final beer is Hop Ride IPA. This beer is brewed using 2-Row, wheat, Vienna and caramel malts and is hopped with Summit?s for bittering and flavor and Ahtanum for aroma. This IPA was also dry-hopped, to give a big citrus and spicy aroma, with Ahtanum, Challenger and Chinook hops. 7.2% abv.

It's nice when things can come full circle.... don't ya think?



Douglas said...

Awesome! Tim was at the Christmas tasting and was a cool dude. BTW, is the Dubhe in the state stores yet?

Mikey said...

Call Uinta. They seem to know those things. It'd probably be easier just to go to the brewery.

Andrew said...

Tried the TeNaya IPA tonight. It's good, it's not my favorite IPA ever, but it's good.