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Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Salt Lake's Newest Coffee Stouts

Believe it or not I appreciate a good beer. No, Seriously. I also appreciate a good cup of coffee. I need to, I get my ass up when most of you are going to bed. For the record, I wish that I was you and had your sleep schedule... except for Douglas. I don't want to be Douglas.

Yet I digress. So imagine my delight in finding out that the two most important beverages in my life were being melded into two big super beverages. Coffee and Stouts go together like Kurt and Goldie, forever separate but great together.

Our first Coffee stout comes from Epic Brewing Co. Jack Mormon Coffee Stout is named for Jack Mormon Coffee Company in Salt Lake City, the supplier of the locally roasted beans. If your not familiar with the term "Jack Mormon", it's slang for a follower of the LDS Church who doesn't completely comply with LDS teachings. I.E. Likes a beer, smoke or a cup of coffee.

Jack Mormon was conceived in the kitchen of Guest Brewer, Chris Detrick. Chris, like me is a Photojournalist by trade. Unlike me, Chris is very talented both in the field and in the kitchen/brewhouse. Epic's Brewmaster, Kevin Crompton immediately fell in love with Chris' concept for a coffee stout and the two began tweaking Epic's most unique looking beer.

JMCS is an Imperial Stout brewed with Jack Mormon espresso, cocoa nibs, lactose milk sugar and oats. It went on sale at Epic's bottle shop on Monday and will run you $11.89 for a 22oz bottle. Big Congrats to Chris! I know you've been working on this one for a long time.

Our next coffee stout comes from Squatters. Part of their Small Batch Series, Beerista (love the name!) is the result of a decades long partnership between Squatters and Millcreek Roasting Company in SLC. It's an evolutionary journey that began many years ago starting with the Squatters staples, Millcreek and Espresso Stouts.

Beerista is described as a smooth, creamy & full bodied stout full of roasted barley flavor and malty richness layered with the nuances of coffee with chocolate undertones. The coffee used in Beerista is El Carmen Estate Guatemalan Coffee, which is farmed in traditional ways and fair traded.

This Stout has an ABV of 6.3% and is bottle conditioned in 22 oz bottles. Beerista will be $5 out of the bottle shop in Squatters. Release date is March 14th.

I love local beers and I especially like local beers that use locally crafted coffee beans. I know that there's a Starbucks on every corner, but next time your "jonesing" for a cup of coffee please consider checking out your local coffee roasters.

By the way The Salt Lake Tribune must be getting desperate they found some "hack" to pimp some of his favorite local beers. Check it out. Thanks, Lesli and Francisco!

And... Uinta's Dubhe should be available sometime this afternoon. Please call first. Whew...



Anonymous said...

JMCS was a mighty tasty one. Also, combined two loves of mine to make a lovely stout. So roasty and chocolatey...it made my taste buds happy. Was lucky enough to try it when Michael of Epic brought some with him to a cheese tasting I was at on Monday. We couldn't help but wonder if this would make for an oh-so-good beer float...but, alas, we had no ice cream on hand. :)

Thank you Chris and Epic for this bottle of awesome.

Ricky H. said...

I'm very much looking forward to trying this one. Several months ago I got to meet Chris during one of my frequent trips to Jack Mormon Coffee and we talked about beer, and this beer in particular. I can't wait to try it Chris!

---Ricky H.

Douglas said...

Mikey, you are a funny dude! Thanks for the shout out. Baby+late night beer drinking= little sleep for Dad. Both of these beers sound great, I can't wait to get them. I'll be stopping by Epic tonight.

Todd Langston said...

SO glad I saw your blog mentioned in the Tribune today! I also love Utah, and Utah beers.

I didn't know that the Jack Mormon Stout was available, but thanks to your blog here, I'm heading down ASAP to buy some!

Great blog btw. I look forward to future posts.

Plang said...

Coffee stouts are the best. Other then Desert Edge Brewery (ask for a Kona Stout float!), you just don't see a lot of them around locally. I'm looking forward to snagging a few of these.

DC said...

Hey Mike, nice to see you getting some well deserved print press! Thanks for all you do to keep us all up to speed on the outstanding, expanding local beer scene.

kent said...

Great post Mikey. Nice article in the paper too.

I can't wait to taste these two concoctions.

Man am I glad I have my work schedule after listening to you and Douglas talk about your hours. Ouch!

Colby said...

My wife surprised me with a bottle of JMCS last night. I love it! Epic is amazing!!!

Mike J said...

Chris' coffee stout sounds delicious. Can't wait to try it. Thanks Mike for keeping us informed as always. Nice Trib article.

T said...

Good to see you the Trib! Great write-up :)

Joe Snow said...

any idea if the squatters one has lactose sugar like epic's?

Mikey said...

@Joe. I don't think so, but I'm not a hundred percent sure of that.