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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Big Belgian Arrivals

I'm hesitant to put this out there to y'all, because frankly it would mean more beer for me, oh well here goes...

Mark Alston, Uber Beer Nerd from the Bayou has just received a few great gets that are new to the Salt Lake City Area.

Urthel Hop-it: The name says it all. Very hoppy, spicy, fruity flavor with a somewhat warming/boozy body. Brewed at first at Van Steenberge, now brewed at Koningshoeven - La Trappe brewery.

Urthel Saisonnière: The taste is of honey, lemon and cloves with that refreshing saison funkiness. There is a slightly bitter, dry finish but some citrus stays throughout. This is VERY drinkable, session beer.

Gouyasse Tripel:
Goliath is 9% abv, nicely balanced with a bracing hop note versus a solid malt wallop. Goliath is the only Tripel in Belgium that is all-malt – without any sugar or other additives in. (Everyone else uses some sugar to ‘thin out’ their Tripels, which gives them alcohol, without the body that you normally get from malt.) That means Goliath starts out a bit sweeter than some, but over time, as the live yeast in the bottle do their work, it gets drier and more punchy.

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kent said...

Woohoo thanks for the heads up Mikey. Lots of great new stuff showing up.